Our Ministry Objective

JFM is an inspiring organization that is actively engaged in multiple initiatives, all of which have a profoundly positive impact on the body of Christ and beyond. One of their commendable efforts is in the field of education. JFM has taken up the noble responsibility of educating children, which imparts knowledge and instills values and morals. By providing children with access to quality education, JFM empowers the younger generation to make informed choices and lead lives that align with Christian principles.

In addition to their educational endeavors, JFM extends its reach to alleviate the struggles of the less fortunate. The organization is dedicated to feeding the hungry, ensuring that individuals and families in need have access to nutritious meals. This act of kindness not only eases the immediate suffering of those experiencing hunger but also serves as a testament to Christ’s teachings of compassion and care for the marginalized.

Furthermore, JFM is actively involved in spreading the message of the Gospel to the poor and underserved communities. By taking the Word of God to those who may not have had the opportunity to hear it otherwise, the organization plays a pivotal role in sharing the Christian faith and providing spiritual guidance to those who seek it.

Another remarkable initiative undertaken by JFM is the construction of houses for people experiencing homelessness. Homelessness is a widespread issue, and JFM’s commitment to providing shelter to the homeless aligns with the core Christian values of hospitality and care for the vulnerable. These houses provide more than just physical shelter; they offer a sense of security, dignity, and hope to individuals who have experienced homelessness.

In summary, JFM’s multifaceted approach to serving the body of Christ is a testament to their dedication and the positive impact on individuals and communities. Through education, feeding the hungry, preaching the Gospel, and housing the homeless, JFM embodies the teachings of Christ by meeting the spiritual, educational, and physical needs of those they serve, ultimately strengthening the body of Christ and promoting a more compassionate and just society.

JesusFedMe is committed to supplying nourishment to the most underprivileged individuals in Uganda. Our approach is simple yet profound: guided by prayer and a sense of divine direction, we provide carefully curated gift baskets filled with recently purchased food items. These baskets encompass a variety of essential sustenance, including:

  • $125 worth of groceries daily (4 delivery days), including rice and sugar, staples in the Uganda diet.
  • Snacks – We always give a snack to the kids when we deliver the rice. Each little bag of snacks includes a small toy, so the kids love it.
  • RICE – Other times when there are larger groups of families, we will bring (2) 55lb. Bags of rice were divided between the families living in the small village. This will easily supplement eight families for about a week. They love rice, but most can not afford it, so they usually have posho. Rice is a treat for many poor families.
  • Gospel TractsEnglish for English-speaking people or Lugandan for Uganda Speaking people
  • Poetry Book for the Kids.  
  • Construction of a Primary School – We are currently building a school.
  • Orphanage Home, currently about 14 kids.
  • Miracle Medical Center (MMC) – Our ongoing endeavor involves the creation of a medical facility. The center is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services while upholding a pro-life stance by encouraging young women to choose childbirth. We will never give a medical abortion. We are committed to supporting individuals with limited financial means by offering accessible medical care.
  • Water Well – We have built one well so far for about 1000 locals.

Delivery is where it gets interesting: We pray, “God, where would you like me to go today,” with God’s leading, we go to a home that we feel God is leading us to. We drop off the food and Bibles. When they ask, “Who are these gifts from? We say they are from Jesus, who loves you.” We don’t take the credit; we don’t leave our names. We present the basket as delivery people only. We don’t give credit to ourselves; the gift is from Jesus and Jesus alone. When a family asks who sent the gift, we tell them there is a note in the bag that states, “Jesus Loves You.” Jesus alone gets the credit 100% of the time.

Most of the time: Often, the family needs ministering. Do you know Jesus Loves you? How can we pray for you? Would you like to receive Jesus as your savior?

Why do we take pictures? We don’t take pictures to give ourselves credit or say, look what we did. We only take them to show our donors what we are doing to help the poor. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words.  

This mom and 5 children received one of our packages. Note the condition of her house; it has no door and only a broken wall. These are the types of precious families that desperately need our help.

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  1. Greetings from Uganda East Africa.
    We are Bannabikira-Daughters daughters of Mary Sisters Congregation located in Masaka diocese of Uganda.
    It was started by white missionaries from Netherlands in 1910 and recognized and registered with Roman Catholic Church with it’s pontifical right number 57-660.
    The congregation is inquiring and requesting to partnering with us in Kalungu district to assist us in fundraising for our community project of supporting grandchildren who were affected by HIV pandemic living with their grandmothers. We need to provide them with home basic needs, school requirements, school fees and medical care.
    We shall be grateful to receiving a kind consideration from you and.
    Rev.Sister Nalugwa Clotilda

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