Jesus Christ loves you. He didn’t die for all men as a group, he died for you, and you, and you, individually…multiplied by all that would receive His gift of eternal life. He found me. I didn’t find Him. He accepted me, I simply received that gift, I did nothing to deserve it, pay for it, or earn it. He adopted me and I gratefully accepted. Nothing I have ever done or could ever do caused me to earn or deserve His free gift. When I needed Him most, but deserved Him the least, He found me. He loved me when no one else did, he saw through my guilt and pain and found a person inside. My life is good because of Him, and I will stand holy someday in His sight because He washed me clean. He turned what Satan meant for evil into what God meant for good. Instead of becoming all the things that Satan had for me, I use my gifts to glorify God. God saw something in me that I could not see in myself, He picked up the broken pieces and put me back together. I am a pot meant for honor, not a pot to put discarded waste into. My fruit is good, but only – and I do mean ONLY -because of my BEST FRIEND, my BROTHER my LORD, and my SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.