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Oh Poor Uganda

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The People JFM Targets

Ddembe Helps JFM to Find Needy People

Elizabeth the single granny

Elder Sylvia gets Saved

Kids Living in Villages

Hasifah Hears About Jesus

Village Children Love Kids Booklets

Jesus introduced to Elder Rose Mary

Elder Atim Justine

JFM Served Food to 85 Scholars

JFM’s Generosity to Everyone

Mwalo Community

Cherry’s Compassionate Encounter

Mum Deborah’s Heartfelt Relief

Maria’s Special Bond

JFM Shows Love and Kindness to Three Sisters

Magana – With Update

Kids Loving Gospel Booklets

Papa Bill’s Trip to Uganda

Fishers of Men

Harvest of Faith

OH Fred you are Highly Favored

Granny Angella’s Neighborhood

Bombo Road

Little Children Given Relief

At the age of 18, Sarah is Single with Two Kids

JFM Goes a Hundred Miles to Reach the Needy.

How Agape Love is Empowering Less Privileged People through Food Distribution

Our Week in Review

The Effects of Poverty

Giving is a Blessing

God Uses Ordinary People to do the Extraordinary

The Joy of Free Food: Surprising the Hungry with Compassion

JFM for Children

Thank you, JFM DONORS for Feeding the Poor

Week in Review – 8/30

JFM Visits a Quarrying Site, Love is Shared

The Cost of Love

Honoring the Poor is JFM’s Lifetime Privilege

JFM Provided Food Relief to a Neighborhood Slum

JFM’s Feeding Program

Why JFM Chose Uganda

What Does it Mean to Have a Full Life?

JFM’s Genuine Love


Shalom Shares Her Life as a Single Mom

The Story of an African Child

JFM Helps a Paralyzed Granny

JFM has Touched many Hearts

From Dismissal, to Divine Favour

Grannies Confessing Jesus in their Latter Days of Life, Hallelujah

Family Struggles to Meet the Needs of Autistic Granny

Destitute Locals Love JFM

“Doctors gave me a Month, but Now I am Counting Years.”

Glory to Jesus, a Family of Four got Saved.

Come to Me

JFM Follows Up on Fred

My Family Survives on One Meal

The “Last Days” are for Salvation

How Poor Families Live

Grocery Delivery for 90-Year-Old Marita

Mathiew’s story

Families Share Stories of Struggle

We Celebrate Jesus through JFM; Locals Express their Gratitude

My Experience with JesusFedMe

Life of Low-Income Earners

Four-Year-Old Boy Saves a Family

A Village Called Sempa is Only for Vulnerable People

Addressing Levels of Poverty

A Typical African Family

Persecution Comes in Many Forms

Granny Tereza Suffers a Strange Eye Disease

Surviving HIV for 35+ Years: My Fortunate Journey

JFM Gives Children Food Rich in Vitamins

How Important Is Food at Home

Sexual Offences Drove Merisa Out of School at 13

JFM Steps in for Malnourished Children

JFM Continues to Share Food with Hungry Families

Local Kids Turn to Leaves, Nuts as Hunger Strikes Them

The Widow’s Sobfest Tale

Most Ugandans are Vulnerable to Falling Back into Poverty

Granny Suffers from Eye Disease and has no Help

Jesus Saves the Day!

Nassazi Kyolaba Hail the Abundancy in Christ Jesus

Poor Feeding is Pushing Children to the Streets

Sad Tears to Tears of Joy

How to Treat God’s Dear People

Testimonies – Jesus has Done Incredible Things

Gospel Tracts, our Mighty Evangel Tool

JFM does not want Anyone to Go Hungry

Too Poor to Live

90 Year Old Woman Receives Jesus

JFM Blesses the Multitude for Easter

We are just Funnels

JFM Gives Easter Food to Poor Families

Easter is a Great Time for Helping People in Need

The Impact of JFM on Locals and Communities

A Witch Introduced to Christ